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New Times

New Times

Good morning and a happy day to you. My name is Siouxsie Dickens, this is my first ever blog. After a new website design and various projects coming to a final finish, I felt it was time to say something on here.

I am an interior designer – mainly in creating successful location houses for the media industry, a fashion stylist, wife and mother of one. I live in Amsterdam and travel for work between Europe and London. Well I used to before Covid.

Now I am learning the ‘new’ skill of working on projects remotely. The secret to this success is having an amazing team based where ever the job is. My team and I are readjusting and making changes to our usual structure and communication is key here, we are getting the jobs done and that is the most important thing.

When it comes to designing or creating something whether it is a styling or interiors brief, I usually check in with the same principles; What story do I want to tell. I create a narrative in my mind and with visuals so that I have a lead character/object. I always have other elements that I want to feature but compliment the lead act. Using texture, colour, architectural elements mixed with natural materials or

In this bathroom renovation at Kempshott Road my lead object was the copper roll top bath, which stands alone in the middle of the room, and dominates beautifully the space with its worn antique patina. The matching green floors and walls, allows breathing space and sets the scene for a woodland landscape. The finishing touches are the draping plants, flora and fauna curated on mass to add softness and warmth.

We all know that these days to create something with an original point of view, can be challenging, yet looking to the past and making some instinctive decisions by predicting trends into the future can still allow a new perspective. Its good to provoke new design ideas and its healthy to question yourself when creating. Push those boundaries.